Rikhy Yoga

Yoga was conceived and keep developing in India since few thousand years. The Yoga Rikhy practices and teaches is the original Yoga, with elements of Nada Yoga and Tantra.

Rikhy Ray was introduced to Yoga as a child and studying, practising, teaching ever since. 1975 started academic study of philosophy and Sanskrit,  graduating – Master of  Philosophy with thesis on Patanjali`s Yogasutras in March 1980. After meeting Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in Bombay, dropped theoretical studies – Ph.D.course at Delhi University to follow Swami Yogeshwarananda Saraswati  in Rishikesh and Kashmir,  who in 1983 in Pahalgam formally initiated him as Yogi.
Yoga practice and studies always accompanied Rikhy Ray`s professional life of musician and composer of Indian Classical music – Marga Sangita which is form of Yoga.
Since 40 years Rikhy Ray teaches classical Indian Yoga based on Patanjali Yogasutras and Yogabhashyas . Unlike currently popular fitness regimes marketed as “yoga”-focused on performance and visual impact, real Yoga brings  physical, mental health & balance. The cultural and physical limitations of non-Indian yoga students and teachers, require minor adjustments, not turning into gymnastic with catchier name. The strength of original Indian Yoga is the thousand years of  evolution – experience not experiment. The main issues troubling modern practitioners are bodily limitations – limited flexibility, limited time for practice and general lack of discipline for daily practice. Experience of teaching in the West since 1990, made Rikhy Ray introduced means to let enjoy benefits of Yoga without dedicating hours of daily practice. For example: sets of easy to learn  asanas after waking up, another  for breaks in everyday life – these can take just 1 to 5 minutes yet bring noticable benefits. Yoga Music Lounge is the series of albums of music specially composed for Yoga practice, based on Indian ragas, using both Indian and western sonorities, tuned, mixed specifically for relaxation, therapy, meditation etc.